Carbon Neutral Initiative

The EBRD has been working to minimise the environmental impact of its annual meetings in recent years. The EBRD will again endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of the Annual Meeting & Business forum in the Dead Sea, Jordan.

This year, the EBRD has secured the purchase of offsets from a project it finances in Morocco: the Khalladi Wind Farm. Find out more here

For its 2017 event in Nicosia, the EBRD compensated for the environmental impact with offsets from the ‘Salkhit Wind Farm’ in Mongolia.

The efforts to make the Annual Meetings greener go beyond carbon offsets from clean energy projects. The Bank also actively seeks to reduce the amount of waste. Examples include circulating electronic invitations and sharing information via mobile technologies. There is also a strong emphasis on waste recycling, reducing the use of plastic bottles by providing recycled, reusable bottles to all participants and sourcing environmentally friendly merchandise such as recycled lanyards and biodegradable pens produced from recyclable resources.