Working with Civil Society to Increase Resilience to Climate Change and Water Scarcity

Petra Hall,
Sea Level (-1)

Many SEMED countries face significant water scarcity challenges. The projected impacts of climate change will put additional strain on water resources in the region and could increase the frequency, duration and intensity of droughts. These changes are a high priority threat to public health and the environment, entailing subsequent adverse economic impacts. In this context, Jordan, as the world’s fourth driest country, is particularly affected by water poverty challenges. The panel will explore the role of CSO and community engagement with municipalities and ways to improve stakeholder involvement in water governance in the SEMED region with the help of country-specific examples. Panellists will discuss how outreach measures to end users in local communities can improve awareness about safe and sustainable water and wastewater management practices, thereby increasing access to safe drinking water and establishing sustainable water supply systems.

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